Curly girl gains

Things a naturalista has to do to achieve the perfect curly look.

Let’s just say it’s a journey. I mean today my hair looked so good. So juicy , full, big and popping.

I wore curly look today. It’s unfortunate, it was for my hospital visit. Don’t worry, your girl is in perfect health (ish).

I went to hospital for a general body exam/check up.

You know we need these every once in a while.

Well I am not done yet. I still have one more test to do tomorrow and another major one in an unknown future.

Anywho. I got to rock my natural hair and that really is my joy

Bantu knots came through.

I had the knots for 4 days .. I didn’t think they would amount to anything. My goal wasn’t to have them that long before taking out. I am glad I did.

So grateful for this journey





Curly girl wins

An year ago today, this girl decided to go natural like seriously.

This is a space that I was in before but I wasn’t invested really.

Well, thank God for good genes. My hair had good definition without serious efforts.

I don’t know. Maybe I just looked good coz not so many people knew anything about natural hair and it was refreshing to see something “new”.

Anywho.This past year has been a growth experience both for my hair and me as a person.

I feel like this is quite an achievement. I never knew I could come this far.

I no longer have heat damaged hair as I used to.🙌🏾

My hair has more volume and length.😊

My almost bald forehead has some edges sprouting. This right here, my friends is the win. And I think I have the Jamaican black castor oil from shea moisture to thank.(Not sponsored).

I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me. I’m excited y’all.




Be nice to yourself

Focusing on being good to myself.

Like so many people out there, I have a problem of not being nice to myself.I am so nice to people and expect them to be nice in return.

The problem here is not being nice to others. No that’s perfectly fine. But it’s the expecting people to be nice in return, that is a cancer.

People are not inherently nice and expecting that from them is unfair to them and to you in the long run.

I have learned the hard way that, everyone looks out for themselves. They all do. We all do.

Why is it unfair to expect nice things from people? I’ll be expecting them, to act out of character, all the time. I’ll be putting pressure on them to try to please me. By all means, acting like a small God.

It is especially unfair to me , because I’ll be setting my self up for disappointment and frustrations all the time. And boy, does that hurt? Also I’m robbing myself the joy of being nice to myself at the expense of others.

And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care about others. No of course not. What I’m saying is, don’t be nice to people expecting they’ll be nice to you.

It’s not anyone’s job to make you feel nice about yourself. Since this is what people like me expect from people.

Hopefully someday we’ll learn how to be nice to ourselves and others without expecting something in return.